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Barbara Millicent Robert, Barbie. The icon, company and indispensable game for girls of yesterday and today, comes at the Vittoriano. In the beautiful complex of the capital disembarks Barbie. The Icon.

Barbie. The Icon tells the incredible life of this doll that has expressed the aesthetic and cultural transformation of society along more than half a century of history, but – unlike other myths of modernity that were crushed by the passage of time – had the privileged to resist the passing of the years and across eras and distant lands, representing over 50 different nationalities, and thus reinforcing its identity as a global imaginary mirror.

From the day when he made his debut at the New York International Toy Fair, exactly March 9, 1959, Barbie has undertaken thousands of different professions. She went to the moon, he has become UNICEF ambassador and has worn clothes for a billion 980 million meters of cloth. Especially Barbie has changed with the passage of time, not only in fashion or fashion, and became to be always in step with the world. And it has become a true icon.

The exhibition is designed to provide different levels of reading: the information of historical and cultural study to adults, there are also stations designed for children who, through a series of engaging activities, will explore the history of Barbie.

An exhibition that will tell therefore the birth, life and evolution of Barbie that in over half a century old, 56 years to be precise, has resisted time managing to represent as many as 50 different nationalities therefore proposing itself as a global icon.

In the Roman See the exhibition, produced by Arthemisia Group and 24 ORE Cultura – Gruppo 24 ORE in collaboration with Mattel, curated by Massimiliano Capella, has been enriched by new loans from the Barbie Fashionista series, including the Curvy models, Tall and Petit, which reproduce the different female body types, and wedding dolls of the Royal Couple William and Catherine English.